Sunday, October 27, 2013

Road trip : JOHOR

ROAD TRIP ... I prefer free and easy ... the kind that you don't stress out! eat anywhere, anytime as you like. But hubby is a well-organized, loves planning and knowing what's next type.

Day 1
Sanrio Hello Kitty Town
Lunch - LAT's Place
Sanrio Hello Kitty Town
Dinner - Puteri Harbour
Johor Premium Outlets

Day 2
Breakfast - Restoran Hua Mui 华美茶餐室
Lunch - Legoland
Puteri Harbour
Dinner - Marina, Puteri Harbour

Will blog more about 'em soon :)


Sunday, October 6, 2013

My 1st Operetta ! Die Fledermaus

Operetta is a genre of light opera, light in terms both of music and subject matter. It is also closely related, in English-language works, to forms of musical theater.

Got 2 VIP tickets to the gala charity operetta Die Fledermaus a.k.a The Revenge Of The Bat from Glam Malaysia. 

My 1st operetta and also 1st in Malaysia !


The sheet music of the night

The other half :)

Uhmmm ... selfie but photo-bombed by this uncle.  

The orchestra was awesome. The sound was brilliant. 
And the operetta's cast, awesome !

We were the VIPs and they are the VVIPs

With the orchestra's conductor, Brian Chatterton

We enjoyed the operetta and can't wait for more.

Friday, October 4, 2013


Got free tickets to watch Die Fledermaus - The Revenge Of The Bat @ Dorsett Grand Subang. My 1st Operetta !

I quickly googled "WHAT TO WEAR TO THE OPERA". Phewwwwww ! It said :

There is no “dress code” "

Casual attire at the opera is fine too! "

Now, what should i wear ???