Saturday, June 29, 2013

[Event] 7 Eleven's Hello Kitty Charms Collection Launch

Attended 7 Eleven's Hello Kitty Charm Collection Launch today @ Berjaya Times Square. Hello Kitties everywhere, and everywhere is PINK ! *excitement*

Even the benches are so cute ! I prayed that I am not the oldest attending the event. LOL ! oh well, there are many "older" people. Thank you GOD!

Look at the guys in Pink. Not just pink but with Hello Kitty Ts! They are the top management of 7e.

All the 20 charms collection displayed.

Some of the items inside my goodies bags ! Charms & Hello Kitty towel 

Hello Kitty & I

Goodies bag ! I love goodies bag :D awesome, innit ? I've 2 Hello Kitty Town's passes too. Complimentary XD 

Opps ! Sorry, there are still Wendy's burger + Fries + Drinks provided.

Here's how you can get the charms! For every MYR5.00 purchase in a single receipt entitle to 1 stamp.

20 stamps = 1 charm
10 stamps + MYR3.90 = 1 charm

In layman terms :-

MYR5.00 X 20 = MYR100.00                      = 1 charm
MYR5.00 X 10 = MYR50.00 + MYR3.90       = 1 charm

To collect all 20 charms, it doesn't mean that it's MYR2000.00 or MYR1078.00 because not every item in 7e is MYR5.00. If it's MYR4.90 then you will need to get another item that is MYR0.10 right. I doubt there is. Hahahaaha !

 Moreover, every charm is in a sachet & sealed. So, it's luck and shop smartly dears! :p

 Fret not, if you purchased any of the participating item, you will get 1 bonus sticker! *clap, clap*

THANK YOU 7 eleven for the invites ! xoxo

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

For the love of BATIK prints

I love batik prints ! 

Batik is batik textile art of Malaysia, especially on the east coast of Malaysia (Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang). The most popular motifs are leaves and flowers. 

And I've found these beautiful baju at a very affordable price !

Monday, June 24, 2013

Udon Fishball Soup

I love noodles. All types of noodles !  the Japanese + Chinese in me :D

Japanese Udon
Saito Fish Ball
Kei Chi @ Wolfberry
Hard boiled egg

Keep Calm & Wear Mask

Malaysia's Air Pollutant Index (API)

Here's the real time API in Malaysia. It's really really smokey outside. I am in the house for the past 48 hours :'( Its Hot + Humid + Hazy !

Keep Calm 
 Wear Mask

Do drink up and stay indoor if possible. 

Khind Egg Steamer SE350

Look what I've bought ! Egg steamer  :D

Compact, Novel & Elegant
Egg Steamed Fresh and Tender, Keeps Nutrition
Overheating Protection
Stainless Steel Heating Plate for Easy Cleaning

Voltage : 220-240V ~ 50/60Hz
Power : 350 - 415W
Capacity : 7 Eggs
Gross Weight : 0.8Kg/Unit
Inner Box : 162 x 164 x 146mm
**FREE Ceramic Bowl for Steaming Egg Custard

It's available @ khindonline 

Instagram VID

Testing the new instagram's 15 secs VID 

PINKY in action !