Thursday, March 14, 2013

Feeling Creative? The Next Youth Credit Card

Here's my Design for the Next Youth Credit Card

The concept is fun & happy! 

Colours bring joy to everyone. 
Colours also make everything pretty.
Colours can transform life, bring you peace, harmony and fulfillment !


Friday, March 8, 2013

iOS App : MyTeksi

Do You Say Taxi or Cab or Taxicab ?? 

The difference is lost in the mists of time. In Malaysia, we call the vehicle of hire with a driver Teksi [pronounce as tek-si] :D

I am always skeptical riding a taxi. During college time, I will take taxi at times to college. That time, we will need to call to the taxi call center and they will put you on hold whilst the taxi driver will confirm over the radio transmission communication whether they want to take you. If no luck, I will need to call another taxi call center. To name a few ... Public cab, Sunlight Taxi, Supercab.

From 1997 to 2012, I did not take any taxi alone ever. I drive and very lucky to have lots of people around me to drive me around. And, my then BF and now hubby will drives me everywhere. Yes, everywhere ! :D :D :D

The last time I hailed a taxi was in November 2012 when my client wanted to meet me at Mid Valley, I didn't drive and hubby was busy at client's place. How ??! I decided to hail a cab and being such a drama queen. I took a picture of the cab and posted on FB, Whatsapp hubby & buddies, LINE hubby & buddies, iMessage hubby and KAKAO everyone I know. *teeheehee*

FINALLY !! I found an iOS application. Ladies & Gentlemen, MyTeksi ! It's awesome, really awesome !

After registration, select book taxi. Select From and To, it will show the estimated taxi fare, kilometers, tap on Now and set date and time for taxi pickup and tap on Book Now. It will then locate drivers. The taxi drivers will bid and It's done !

Here's my taxi details. I can also call my taxi driver 

It can be downloaded @ iOS [ Apple Store ] and Android [ Google Play ]

I tweeted my ride and MyTeksi replied saying that they are uploading drivers' pic. That's great, innit !!

No more drama queen ! xoxo

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Korean Language 한국어 - Level 2

I am current at Level 2 of my Korean lessons. My favorite word now - 바보 (babo) = stupid. 

According to Google Translate, that can mean fool / chump / silly / dummy / ass :p

There are two sets of numbers in Korean. Sino (chinese) and Korean (pure) numbers. 

All i need to do is to MEMORIZED the 2 sets of number from 1 ~ 99 *faints*

I did my own simpler version. It can be downloaded at Sharyn Skydrive

안녕히계세요 (Good Bye!)