Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Princess Pinky Photoblog

Princess Pinky's annual trip to the vet

Where are we going MamaPinky ?
어머나 ! This place ! 
I am scared. very very scared.
Deworming pill >=.=<
Ouch ! Ouch ! OUCH ! Vaccine >@_@<
Pinky after a 30mins vet visit ! Exhausted

Mc Donald's Hello Kitty Light Up Heart - Week 3

귀여운 !

My 3rd McD Hello Kitty Light Up Heart Toy 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Learning a new language !

What triggers me learning a new language ? LOL. *ponders*

Learning a foreign language takes time and dedication, no doubts about it! Positively, it's self development. With all smiles, I am learning KOREAN language !

Oh well. My company had a new opportunity. As usual, I will be the one doing the presentation for the clients. I have clients from Singapore, Finland, China, Bangladesh, Dubai and etc before. All the time, we speak in English :) This time, our clients are Koreans. 

A day before the presentation, slumber-lah ... not the 1st time doing presentations, went thru my slides and that's it! zzz

The next day, our Koreans client came. 3 of them, they looked very Chinese to me. They traveled all the way from Korea to Malaysia. Only one of the guest can speak English and he was busy translating what I said throughout my presentation in Korean. All I heard is "KILI KULU, KILI KULU, KILI KULU". Not understanding a word ! :'(

The following day, I bought a deal from GROUPON and signed up for Korean classes. All in all, 1 day @_@

I must say that I am pretty nervous attending classes. Not studying for 14 years, I panic for not having my stationery ... writting materials - rules, pens, pencils, erasers! Quickly I went and bought my supply and hubby bought me this LAMY mechanical pencil ^.^

Attended my 1st class and it was fun ! My teacher is Ms Su. 1st lesson was all about Consonants. Hanguel consist of 14 consonants and 10 vowels, totalling 24 basic characters. Consonants were formed after voice organs (lip, tougue, throat & etc). Vowels were formed after symbolizes heaven, earth and human beings.  

A syllable begins with a consonants / 1 consonant + 1 vowel / written in square box / written from top to bottom and from left to right. 

My name in Korean characters 조이스 Joyce /사린 Sharyn

I did revision almost everyday for 1 hour. And homework too! It's not easy, really ! X(

More about my Korean learning soon ! :') 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Princess Pinky Photoblog

Mc Donald's Hello Kitty Light Up Heart

Mc Donald's Happy Meal comes with Hello Kitty Light Up Heart !

A happy meal with 4pcs of Nuggets, Fries & Coke = MYR7.90 or you could buy the toy for only MYR3.20

Week 1 : 6  Sep ~ 12 Sep 2012

Week 2 : 13  Sep ~ 19  Sep 2012

My friend already got me the Week 3 Heart Gift :D

Can't wait for Week 4's ! XD

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Princess Pinky Photoblog

Japanese Magazine SWEET October 2012

Japanese Magazine October 2012

FREE Coach Multi-Case Organizer 

I ordered the Sweet Oct 2012 issue on August 17 via email from Kinokuniya MY. I must say that I truly love the service of Kinokuniya MY. Everytime when I order Japanese magazines from them, they will revert that they got my order and will SMS / email when my magazines arrived.

I am loving this Sweet Oct 2012 issue what comes with FREE Coach Multi-Case Organizer!

It's in the stunning Carnelian Red !

Notepad & Post-It-Note

All for MYR43.55 before 5% Isetan card discount MYR41.40 :D