Sunday, May 6, 2012

Fabrics Shopping

Shopping @ Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman (Masjid India)
100% Pure Cotton Embroidery Fabrics (4 meters)
MYR28.00 @ stalls

Chiffon Fabrics (2 meters)
MYR8.90 @ Kamdar [Buy 1 Free 1]

Lace and Satin (4 meters)
MYR77.60 @ Kamdar

Hubby drove me to Jalan TAR yesterday. Yes !! <3
Weather was good but people mountain people sea (人山人海). Worst crowd i ever be in. We arrived around 4pm+ and had to leave around 630pm. 

It wasn't a satisfying shopping coz i didn't get the fabrics i wanted :( Managed to grab the white cotton fabrics for my friend's wedding

And, i be back. phfttttt !

Total Damaged of the day
Parking MYR5.00
Drinks MYR5.60
Fabrics : Cotton Embroidery MYR28.00
Fabrics : Chiffon MYR8.90
Fabrics : Lace & Satin MYR77.60
Grand Total : MYR125.10