Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Majestic Pinky !

Pinky sometimes poses for pics. Oh well, if she is in her mood, she will let me take lots of pictures and if she's not in it, i'll never be able to take one good shot >(^.^)<

Hub managed to take a few candid shots of Pinky today. Enjoy ! 

Majestic Princess Pinky

Saturday, September 25, 2010

PINKY's day out to the Vet [Annual Vaccination]

My li'l 7y/o Pinky travels in the basket. She travels to the Vet in her basket all the time. 2 towels, one at the bottom and the other on top to cover her. She dislike going to the Vet.

Any of your kitty likes going to the Vet ?
Hiding under her towel as usual =.=  

Pinky's new record card. Same Ol' Doctor & Technician but new place ! like !

Pinky got her annual Vaccination, Dewormed & Spot On !